Your Temple journey is a time for you to escape the world, relax and revitalise all of your five senses and beyond. So when it's time to re-discover and replenish your source we have the perfect treatment for you or someone special.

90 min – $145
45 min – $85
60 min – $99
30 min – $69

PRE STEAM - 15 Mins  $25

Intensify the relaxation and benefits of any massage by lying in our beautiful cocoon and have steam cleanse your pores, relax your muscles and stimulate blood circulation. The perfect way to prepare and start any massage treatment!! 


This massage is deeply relaxing, using long, slow movements and strokes and gentle pressure. It will help quiet your mind and bring harmony to your body, mind and soul. 

RECOVERY (deep tissue)

Ease built up tension/ stress from your muscles and feel revitalized, with this deep tissue massage. Designed for those of us that hold our stress in the back, neck and shoulder area. 

THE ENERGIZER (remedial)

This massage is ideal for anyone with serious muscle tension or spasms. Combining intense pressure on trigger points to disperse muscle tension and deep kneading techniques to aid in the elimination of lactic acid build up. This is the massage for serious muscle relief. 

(Minimum 60 mins)

This Thai inspired massage is an ancient method of aligning and balancing the energies of the body. The technique uses firm thumb and palm pressure on your trigger points, firm or gentle strokes and some stretching movements. This massage will ease you into a state of bliss.


If you have never experienced this unique indulgence, you owe yourself the experience. A luxurious massage combined with hot basalt stones. Your therapist will use the stones as an extension of their own hands, the healing properties of the stones will give you an amazing sensory experience and will encourage powerful healing from within the body, relieving muscular and emotional tension. This Massage has to be experienced to be fully appreciated!!! 
90 Mins  $165
60 Mins  $120

Shirodhara Massage

Be in a state of total bliss with this ancient form of centering your mind, body and soul. You will enter a deep state of relaxation with specialist marma point massage to your face, head and neck. This is followed by a caressing slow stream of warm sesame oil over your third eye. This treatment soothes away emotional tension and reinforces positive energy flow.

60 Mins  $135


The ultimate massage. Two Therapists work together in harmony to melt away stress and harmonise energies.

60 Mins  $200